WOWLife World Network (WLWNet™)
WOWLife World Network (WLWNet™)

Welcome to WOWLife World Social Network (WLWNet™)

Join the Private Social Network of a WOWLife World. CMS and other programs/groups will move in here

What's in WLWNet™

WOWLife World Network (WLWNet™) is the Private Social Network website for all WOWers globally. All private groups, public groups and programs (courses like CMS and 5DP) will be hosted within this website. Joining the WLWNet™ is free. While some of the groups and programs within WLWNet™ will also be free to join, others will have separate price plans (like in-app purchases). WLWNet™ is available as a Web App as well as a iOS and Android App).

Why should I join the WLWNet™ ? 

 As you would already know WOWLife is BIG on community, and It's an important fact that this community is fully engaged and invested in this global reformation movement. Staying subscribed to WLWNet™ is your commitment to stay engaged with the invaluable regular teachings and other content from Kirby, Fiona and other preachers at WOWLife. Unlike Facebook, WLWNet™ will have an ad-free and clutter-free fully focused environment with 100% reach* (as opposed to about 4% organic reach that Facebook offers)

*Reach = when something is posted all members could get notified and see it (Facebook and other free SM controls organic reach based on their algorithms)

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Why The Move?

The more precise question would be: "Why are we moving away from Facebook?"...right?

Without focus, there’s no progress. It’s simple: Facebook does not offer focus, even in a private group.

Facebook’s business model is simple. It’s designed to get as many people around the globe to spend as much time as possible on its platform, such that advertisers need to buy ads on Facebook to reach the world’s population.

Facebook does not care if our people are engaging with us and our topic or any number of other things it makes available–from competing groups (that it relentlessly advertises to your members) to heated political debates, heartwarming family updates, or news from friends. Here’s the thing: in this context, our members will never get to go deeper on a topic or get to know the people who will have the best shot at helping them in their pursuits. It’s like trying to have a retreat or a conference in the middle of New York City’s Times Square. Without focus, there’s no progress. It’s simple: Facebook does not offer focus, even in a private group.

We own our Information

Unlike Facebook which does not provide information about the members of a group/page to its owners, in WLWNet™ all information of our members are owned only by us the creators of said Group/Page.

Facebook prevents us from reaching all of our members of our own Facebook Group.

It’s challenging to be a mentor to our members on Facebook if we don’t have confidence that we can reach them all. And on Facebook, you can’t always reach you all. What our members see is up to Facebook, not us. And there’s no way for an admin to message all members of a Facebook Group (which, we agree, seems weird).

The Constant Advertising Doesn’t Help Focused and Deep Learning

Given the Nature of the content we learn at WOWLife, especially in Deep Learning Programs like Christian Mystery School, Monogenetics and The 5 Day Program, the constant advertising by Facebook even in private groups and feeds unconsciously creates a significant cognitive load on our conscious mind. This prevents us from absorbing the most information out of our programs. A dedicated Ad-Free platform reduces said cognitive load and optimizes the learning experience.

A Perfect Platform for those at Disagreement with Facebook’s Policies

If you are someone who didn’t trust Facebook to begin with (And there are many of us), you will love Mighty Networks as it offers Facebook’s unique ability to connect people without it’s notorious data and privacy issues.

Does this mean WOWLife will be completely out of Facebook?

Not really. We still have to be out there in the world for those who are not yet WOWers. The world deserves to know the awesomeness and the richness in the revelations / teaching that comes out of WOWLife. Therefore will still have to stay active on Facebook (and other SM platforms) to a certain extent while constantly driving those serious about WOWLife to get into WLWNet™.

What about YouTube?

Our official YouTube channel will continue as usual. All Sunday and Tuesday services and teachings of WOWLife will always remain freely accessible on YouTube.